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Due to the pandemic we are not currently offering in-person classes. If you want more information about the in-person classes we normally offer (and will offer again when the situation improves), you can find that information under the Classes tab. If you would like to join our email list and be notified when we start running in-person classes again, email us at info@impactboston.org.

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Self-Defense for Women of Color
2-session course, ages 16+
Course Fee: Sliding scale, pay what you can – $0-50

In this class, students learn how to resist threats, intimidation and violence perpetrated by strangers and familiar people. In our supportive, trauma-informed environment, students learn assertive verbal boundary setting techniques and physical skills to defend against a number of threatening scenarios including front confrontations, attacks from behind, ground fighting, and more. No experience in learning physical skills is necessary. In this interactive virtual space, the moves are taught through video demonstration/discussion with trained instructors, and practicing in your own space. This two-session course is intended to be a safe space reserved for woman-identified students of color.

To pay full price ($50), please register online using the button below:


To join for free, please register online using the same button (above) and enter the discount code WOC1

To pay another amount on the sliding scale (between $0-50), you can register by emailing info@impactboston.org or calling 781-321-3900

9/17 & 9/24, 6:30-8:30pm EST,

Upcoming Self-Defense for Women of Color Classes:

September: 9/17 & 9/24, 6:30-8:30pm EST

Safe & Sane Online Dating
1-session workshop or 4-session class, open to all genders (will be most relevant to women who date men) ages 18+
Course Fee (Workshop): Sliding scale, pay what you can – $5-35
Course Fee (Class): Sliding scale, pay what you can – $75-150

Online dating can be daunting, exhausting, and potentially risky. It can also be empowering, and facilitate connections between people who never would have met IRL. This course will provide tools for staying safe & sane while dating online (during Covid & beyond), assessing potential new partners when you don’t have much information about them, and preserving your sanity while you wade through a dating pool full of men displaying large fish. [This class will be most relevant to women who date men, but all are welcome].

Upcoming Safe & Sane Online Dating Classes:

Intro Workshops:
Tuesday September 22, 6-8pm EST
Tuesday November 17, 6-8pm EST
(Sliding Scale $5-$35)

Full Class:
Wednesdays October 7, 14, 21, 28, 6:30-8pm EST
(Sliding Scale: $75-$150)

To pay full price ($35 for the workshop or $150 for the class), please register online using the button below:


To pay another amount on either of the sliding scales, you can register by emailing info@impactboston.org or calling 781-321-3900

Introduction to Self-Defense
Open to adults & teens of all genders ages 16+
Course Fee: Sliding Scale $5-35

In this virtual introductory workshop you will learn the skills to physically and verbally protect yourself from unsafe situations. Through videos and live instruction, you’ll practice communicating assertively, resisting coercion and intimidation, and using physical strikes to protect your body.

Upcoming Introduction to Self-Defense Classes:

October: October 5, 6:00-8:00pm EST

To pay full price ($35), please register online using the button below:


To pay another amount on the sliding scale (between $5-35), you can register by emailing info@impactboston.org or calling 781-321-3900

Healthy Relationships, Consent & Self-Defense for Teens
9 hours, 6 Online Sessions, Open to girls, women, nonbinary & LGBTQ people ages 14-22
Course Fee: Sliding Scale $85–175

Quotes from students:

What does a healthy relationship look like? How do you know your limits? How do you communicate them to people in your life?

This online class teaches teens a range of skills for staying safe and sane as they navigate dating, relationships, friendships, life changes, and the uncertainty of the pandemic. Designed for our new digital reality, teens will get the opportunity to practice physical and verbal self-defense skills, assertive communication and bystander intervention. They will also engage in critical discussions that help them define what they want out of relationships and how to advocate for themselves. By the end of the course, students will have a clearer vision of how to take control of their lives and take care of themselves during & beyond the pandemic.

Students Gain:

  • Social context for violence and how to prevent it
  • Risk assessment tools when they detect threats to emotional & physical safety
  • Understanding of healthy relationships & their own limits
  • Verbal & physical strategies to handle unsafe situations
  • Strategies for intervening as a bystander
  • Confidence in their ability to ask for what they want

Students who took this course online said:

“I expected that this class would be primarily focused on physical skills, but this class offered me just as much mental growth. I feel much more ready for future relationships in multiple ways, including being clear and direct with others… I think that this will really contribute to my confidence in college.”

“The most helpful part of this class were the discussions. If this class was only learning physical moves I don’t think I would have gotten as much out of it as I have. Because we had lots of discussions and worked together in small groups I felt that we also made a stronger class community. The online platform was great and I really enjoyed it.”

Upcoming Healthy Relationships, Consent, & Self-Defense for Teens Classes: 

October class: Tuesdays & Thursdays October 6, 8, 13, 15, 20, & 22 from 5:00-6:30pm EST

December class: Mondays & Wednesdays November 30, December 2, 7, 9, 14 & 16 from 5:00-6:30pm EST

To pay full price ($175), please register online using the button below:


To pay another amount on the sliding scale (between $85-175), you can register by emailing info@impactboston.org or calling 781-321-3900


Find your courage and use it to make the world around you safer.

At IMPACT we believe everyone has the right to be safe and the ability to protect themselves. Our self-defense programs give people the skills to stay calm and focused in unsafe situations. Our abuse prevention programs give schools, disability service organizations, and communities the tools to develop policies and expectations that keep everyone safe.

IMPACT offers:

  • Self-defense classes that are open to the public.
  • Customized workshops for schools, disability service organizations, community groups, businesses, human service agencies, and domestic violence and sexual assault survivors that cover topics in:
    • Abuse prevention
    • Self-defense
    • Assertive communication
    • Conflict de-escalation

Personal and social change are possible when people experience the strength of their bodies and the power of their voices.

Working for Safer Communities

Many communities are experiencing harassment and violence in the current political climate. Many others are feeling a sense of urgency to speak up and show solidarity and support for neighbors, friends, and even strangers.

At IMPACT we believe that keeping ourselves safe and advocating for others go hand in hand. We are committed to giving community groups and individuals the tools to safely intervene when someone else is at risk. This means having the skills to protect your own safety and manage your own stress response in the moment of violence or harassment.

In the past few months we’ve taught bystander skills in mosques, Unitarian churches, community centers, and our own training center. We’re committed to reaching individuals and communities with these necessary tools.

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“IMPACT had a profound effect on my sense of self. Most significantly, I am reminded that it is safe to be a woman.”

— IMPACT Graduate

“IMPACT has changed my life. It has been over a month since the program ended, but I’ve noticed that I now stand a little taller — less afraid.”

— IMPACT Graduate

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