IMPACT Graduates

Graduate classes are open to all people who have completed the 20-hour women’s, men’s, or LGBTQ Core Program classes. Graduates of some 10-hour and school programs may also be eligible.
IMPACT has scholarships available for all classes and we also accept payment through the Massachusetts Victim’s Compensation program
To apply for a scholarship please visit the “Scholarship Opportunities ” page located at the bottom of the CLASSES menu. 
To pay through Victim’s Compensation please email us at:

*Unless otherwise stated, all classes are located at 420 Pearl Street in Malden, MA.

A message to our community:

Due to the pandemic we are not currently offering in-person classes. Information about in-person classes we normally offer for graduates (and will offer again when the situation improves) is below. If you would like to join our email list and be notified when we start running in-person classes again, email us at


IMPACT Review Class
6 hours, all genders, graduates of Core Programs ONLY
Course fee: $195

A chance for students who have graduated from our Women’s or LGBTQ Core Programs to review teaching pieces and practice their verbal and physical skills in realistic scenarios.

Upcoming IMPACT Review Classes: TBD


Assertiveness & Boundary Setting Part 2
4 hours, all genders, graduates of Assertiveness & Boundary Setting ONLY
Course fee: $95

This course begins with a review of the concepts and skills learned in the Assertiveness & Boundary Setting class, and adds strategies for dealing with the defensiveness often exhibited by people during difficult conversations. As always the emphasis is on practicing the skills learned in realistic scenarios. Assertiveness & Boundary Setting is a prerequisite.

Upcoming A + B Part 2 Classes: TBD


Defense Against Firearms

This course teaches strategies for the unarmed person to defend against a potential assailant who is carrying a pistol or rifle. The course combines practical physical skills with basic education about firearms and how they work.

Class not currently scheduled. To inquire about a private group or be placed on the wait list contact 781-321-3900 or


Defense Against Knives & Edged Weapons

This course presents students with practical skills for protecting themselves against assailants that are armed with knives or other edged weapons. Strategies for creating physical distance are addressed as well as an overview of the most common crimes committed with edged weapons.

Class not currently scheduled. To inquire about a private group or be placed on the wait list contact 781-321-3900 or

For more information call (781) 321-3900 or email us at