IMPACT offers fun, interactive, and practical self-defense workshops that help employees increase their confidence and awareness. Employees learn practical strategies to resist attempted violence, all of which are consistent self-defense laws.

IMPACT workshops are flexible—they are designed to fit your existing training structure. We offer lecture/demonstration programs for large groups as well as hands-on, interactive classes for smaller groups.

Convenient Scheduling

A program of any length can be customized to fit your schedule. Most workplaces offer introductory workshops of 2, 3, or 4 hours. Trainings can take place at your office or at our studio in Malden

I thought the class was fantastic! I liked that there was an equal emphasis on physical presence, use of voice and awareness. Learning about statistics and the common behaviors of attackers was just as important to me as the hands on practice. The instructors were very convincing in their roles and created realistic scenarios. I’d definitely take another class if offered.

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