IMPACT offers fun, interactive, and practical self-defense and effective communication workshops that help employees increase their confidence and awareness. Employees learn practical strategies to set boundaries, navigate challenging conversations, de-escalate potentially dangerous situations, and resist attempted violence.

Whether you are addressing a specific concern or looking for an addition to your corporate wellness programs, IMPACT’s workplace programs can help.

IMPACT workshops are flexible—they are designed to fit your existing training structure. We offer lecture/demonstration programs for large groups as well as hands-on, interactive classes for smaller groups.

Convenient Scheduling

A program of any length can be customized to fit your schedule. Most workplaces offer introductory workshops of 2, 3, or 4 hours. Trainings can take place at your office or online via Zoom.

Introduction to Self-Defense Workshops

IMPACT self-defense workshops simulate scenarios of threat, intimidation and violence perpetrated by strangers and people we know. Classes are taught by a team of two instructors, one of whom takes on the role of a perpetrator. They wear a full suit of body armor so students can safely defend themselves using the same force needed in a real attack. Physical self-defense is always a last resort – students also learn verbal skills to de-escalate conflict and avoid unnecessary violence. Many assailants use verbal threats to intimidate people, so IMPACT teaches students to stay calm and respond effectively to harassment.

Effective Communication Workshops

IMPACT’s effective communication workshops teach students how to set boundaries, de-escalate potentially dangerous situations, engage in challenging conversations, and navigate defensive responses. Students learn skills to remain calm in stressful situations and increase their confidence and awareness, and then have the opportunity to practice these skills in realistic scenarios.

Workshop Options:

Assertiveness and Boundary Setting:
Students learn practical steps to identify, communicate, and reinforce their boundaries, as well as skills to negotiate effectively. Practicing these skills in realistic scenarios gives students the opportunity to learn how to stay calm and explain their needs in situations involving strangers and people they know.

Challenging Conversations:
In this interactive training, students develop the skills to engage in challenging conversations. Students learn how to remain calm when addressing difficult issues with strangers and people they know, how to successfully negotiate, and how to respond effectively to common forms of defensiveness.

In these workshops instructors demonstrate realistic scenarios and model strategies for maintaining calm and safety. Scenarios can be customized based on the needs of the group. Participants will have the opportunity to practice their skills with an instructor who plays the role of the person who is escalating. This experiential practice helps participants think on their feet and learn to manage their own stress response and respond effectively in the moment of confrontation.  This training can be done in-person or online through IMPACT’s Zoom line.

Each of these workshops is typically taught in a 2-hour format, but programs can be customized and combined to meet the needs of your company.


For more information or to schedule an IMPACT workshop at your company, please contact us at

I thought the class was fantastic! I liked that there was an equal emphasis on physical presence, use of voice and awareness. Learning about statistics and the common behaviors of attackers was just as important to me as the hands on practice. The instructors were very convincing in their roles and created realistic scenarios. I’d definitely take another class if offered.

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