People With Disabilities


Empowering People with Disabilities & Communities to Prevent Abuse


IMPACT is part of Triangle, an organization that empowers people with disabilities to find employment and pursue their goals. As an abuse prevention program embedded in a disability service agency, IMPACT is committed to creating safe and healthy communities for people of all abilities.

IMPACT:Ability is a comprehensive, organization-wide approach to abuse prevention. It combines changes in official policies with efforts to create an organizational culture that challenges abuse and bullying while supporting self-advocacy, choice, and healthy sexuality.

IMPACT:Ability Components:

  • Official policies that protect people who report suspected abuse, provide clear direction for how to respond to abuse reports, and clearly define safe and healthy interactions.
  • Staff Training that helps teachers and service providers understand abuse, challenge potentially abusive behaviors, support the sexuality of people with disabilities, and provide personal care in a way that respects people‚Äôs bodies.
  • Abuse Prevention Leadership Teams that support an organizational culture that prevents abuse.
  • Self-Defense & Self-Advocacy Education for people with disabilities so they can be central to their own safety.

Our trainers are also available for stand-alone self-defense classes for people with disabilities or abuse prevention & response trainings for disability service providers and teachers.

Evaluation Research: The Effectiveness of IMPACT:Ability

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