Training for Schools & Disability Service Organizations

Every major study shows that people with disabilities experience abuse and violence and rates far greater than people without disabilities. Research shows that people with disabilities are often reluctant to report abuse to service providers because they are afraid they won’t be believed, that they will experience retaliation, or that they will lose a caregiver. Most importantly, people fear that they will lose independence.

IMPACT:Ability staff trainings give service providers the tools to create an environment where people feel safe speaking up about abuse. Staff will learn to respond effectively to abuse reports and challenge potentially unsafe situations.

Training topics include:

  • Recognizing Abuse and Creating Safety
  • Personal & Intimate Care for Abuse Prevention
  • Engaging in Challenging Conversations
  • Communicating and Respecting Boundaries
  • Safe and Appropriate Touch
  • Supporting Healthy Sexuality
  • Understanding Ableism & Empowering People with Disabilities, in collaboration with Empowering People for Inclusive Communities (EPIC)

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