Violence is not inevitable. We all have the ability to stop it.

IMPACT works to prevent violence and abuse by giving people the tools to protect their safety and advocate for healthy relationships and sexual respect in their communities and society.

IMPACT has been teaching solutions for safe living since 1971.  We provide realistic personal safety training that gives people the skills to respond appropriately to threatening situations in the moment of fear or intimidation. We also collaborate with schools and organizations to create programs that proactively prevent abuse. IMPACT’s prevention programs emphasize giving people the tools to manage their adrenaline or stress responses so they can intervene effectively when they observe risky situations. Too often abuse goes unchallenged because people don’t feel safe speaking up. IMPACT programs help people increase their ability to safely advocate for themselves and others.

Realistic Scenarios

Our self-defense classes simulate scenarios of threat, intimidation and violence perpetrated by strangers and people we know. Classes are taught by a team of two instructors, one of whom takes on the role of a perpetrator. He wears a full suit of body armor so students can safely defend themselves using the same force needed in a real attack.

A Fight Avoided is a Fight Won

Physical self-defense is always a last resort. Students learn verbal skills to de-escalate conflict and avoid unnecessary violence. Many assailants use verbal threats to intimidate people, so IMPACT teaches students to stay calm and respond effectively to harassment.

Building Confidence, Healing from Trauma

IMPACT gives people the opportunity to be effective and successful in the face of fear. Having this experience has helped people heal from past trauma and take on new challenges.

IMPACT has a long history of supporting survivors of abuse and trauma in their healing journey, re-training the body and nervous system so the survivor can once again access a feeling of safety and control. IMPACT is mentioned by our previous name, “Model Mugging,” in the popular book about trauma and healing, The Body Keeps the Score.

Experienced Instructors

IMPACT programs are led by a diverse group of instructors whose expertise includes education, counseling, domestic violence, sexual assault, criminal justice, youth development, and martial arts. All IMPACT instructors complete a 200+ hour certification program.

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