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IMPACT offers age-appropriate comprehensive violence prevention programs and evidence-based safety trainings for Elementary, Middle, High School, and College-aged students.  Our programs raise resilience, reduce vulnerability, and foster the critical social-emotional awareness that contribute directly to the health and wellness of school communities.  We teach students of all ages the skills to communicate their boundaries, foster healthy relationships, recognize and resist coercion, de-escalate conflicts, advocate for themselves and others and protect their bodies from harm.  Our college and university classes focus on teaching skills that are relevant to the dangers that many college students face, including skills that are relevant to sexual violence perpetrated by people we know.

IMPACT instructors will travel to your school and work with you to design a program that best fits your educational goals and schedule.  Programming schedules can vary from an intensive one-day workshop to a full semester of curriculum-based programming. Our programs are frequently offered through physical education, life skills, or health and wellness departments.

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