High School Programs

IMPACT training addresses a broad range of safety concerns. Some scenarios simulate imminent danger while others equip teens to communicate assertively in daily interactions with people they know. Through realistic scenarios with trained instructors, students practice resisting bullying, refusing unwanted attention from adults and peers, and communicating their needs and feelings to people they know. Mastering physical self-protection techniques and facing fears gives teens the confidence to address other difficult situations effectively. Our programs also provide extensive physical training that increases teens’ awareness of their bodies.

Age-appropriate safety skills include:
    • Deescalating potentially threatening situations
    • Resisting peer pressure and bullying
    • Self-protection strategies for sexual assault scenarios
    • Physical self-protection skills
    • Specific content focused on date/acquaintance rape

IMPACT teaches viable safety skills in a fun, interactive environment.

We Come to You:

All programs can be tailored to fit the schedule of your school or youth group. Instructors are available to travel to schools throughout New England.

Learn More:

IMPACT High School Brochure

 For more information call us at (617) 597-4945 or email us at info@impactboston.org