Employment Opportunities

IMPACT Boston is a nationally recognized abuse and violence prevention organization that gives people practical skills to keep themselves and others safe. Sometimes best known for teaching realistic self-defense, IMPACT’s programs also include education on healthy relationships, internet safety, challenging conversations, and bystander intervention. We also work with schools and organizations IMPACT to develop policies and cultures that proactively prevent abuse.

We look for team members who are committed to social, racial, disability, and gender justice, and who are excited about helping IMPACT achieve its mission. The IMPACT workplace values trauma-informed practices, shared decision making, work/life balance, direct communication, flexibility, creativity, humor, hard work, compassion, and a strong commitment to our mission. We are committed to supporting the health and wellbeing of employees through practices such as support from a trained therapist that employees can access during their regular paid workday.




Variable Schedule, some weekday daytime availability is strongly preferred

IMPACT Boston is a nationally recognized abuse and violence prevention organization that teaches empowerment self-defense. Our curriculum presents students with realistic scenarios of threat, intimidation and imminent danger. Our organizational philosophy emphasizes abuse prevention, healing, empowerment, social justice, and trauma awareness.

IMPACT teaches adults, teens and children of all genders, and has specific programs for people with disabilities, abuse survivors, LGBTQ people, women of color, frontline human service workers, high school, and middle school students. Research on graduates of IMPACT shows that the training reduces symptoms of PTSD in survivors of child abuse and domestic violence and that it increases students’ self-efficacy and self-confidence.

IMPACT is hiring suited instructors to teach self-defense classes as part of a mixed gendered teaching team. In IMPACT’s training model, suited instructors play a unique role that involves both teaching physical and verbal skills and portraying a realistic assailant in simulated attack scenarios with students.

Suited instructors wear full body armor specifically designed to protect them in scenarios in which students strike as hard as they can.

We are looking for candidates with a strong commitment to preventing violence and the willingness to play these multiple roles. No self-defense experience is necessary. Extensive paid training is provided.

Instructors are needed to work part-time on a varied schedule that includes weekday daytime hours and involves travel that is mostly within Eastern Massachusetts with occasional trips to Western Massachusetts and other New England states. Mileage is reimbursed.


  • Ability and willingness to teach a physically demanding curriculum
  • Ability and willingness to be emotionally supportive and encourage each student to take on the level of challenge that is right for them
  • Good physical condition—experience in contact sports, martial arts or other physically demanding activity is preferred
  • Ability and willingness to play the role of an aggressor in simulated attack scenarios
  • Some experience with teaching, acting, public speaking, counseling, martial arts, athletics, youth development, or work with trauma survivors
  • Reliability
  • Experience working with teens and middle school students or strong willingness to teach self-defense to young people
  • Reliable access to a car and ability to answer emails or text messages during weekday daytime hours is preferred
  • Availability during weekday daytime hours is preferred

Compensation is $30-55 per hour for teaching and $19.20 per hour for training and administrative work, plus mileage reimbursement for off-site classes.

Benefits: Flexible schedule

Work Location: In person

To apply: send a resume and an email explaining why you are interested in this position to bcomeau@impactboston.org