Testimonials from Trauma Therapists

People who have been traumatized in the past often struggle to summon effective responses to threatening situations in the present. They tend to react as if the traumatic event is happening once again, instead of remaining in their most strong and capable adult self.

IMPACT provides an invaluable safe space where traumatized people can learn how to move with confidence, assert their boundaries, and protect themselves when necessary. The skilled IMPACT workers shepherd people through their initial trauma-based reactions to strong and capable responses that allow the survivor to feel empowered and grounded in the present.

Robin Zachary, LICSW

Group Therapy Coordinator, Victims of Violence Program, Cambridge Health Alliance

IMPACT is a thoughtful and comprehensive self-defense program that can aid in the complicated process of recovery for trauma survivors.  I recommend IMPACT to some of my clients because it is a body-centered approach to healing and empowerment.  The instructors are aware of some of the effects of trauma on women and are sensitive to the struggles trauma survivors often have in doing this kind of work.  It is important to have a support system in place while going through the IMPACT training, preferably one that includes a trained trauma therapist.  This can help the trauma survivor to fully embrace the challenges she will face, and the strength she can gain from IMPACT trainings.
Tracey A. McHugh, LICSW

Private Practice and Clinical Supervisor, Center for Violence Prevention and Recovery, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

IMPACT is both a unique and powerful experience that can help trauma survivors move towards a place of healing. Being able to assert yourself physically and hearing the power within your own voice is a liberating process. IMPACT may be the hardest thing you ever do and the best thing you ever do. It is truly life-changing. I feel so blessed to have taken this training and watch my own inner strength unfold.
Erin McCoy, LICSW

Center for Violence Prevention and Recovery, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center