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Winsor Boundaries Presentation
Presentation for the Winsor School 9/2/2022

Weaving the Knots: AAPI, Asian & Asian-American Women for Empowered Safety
Presentation for the 2022 National Sexual Assault Conference by Adriana Li, Linda Leu & Seri Lee on 8/19/22

Assertiveness and Boundary Setting Workshop for Boston University QAC 
Class on 3/25/22

De-escalation Workshop for Nobis Engineering
Class on 2/17/22

Bystander Intervention: Building Skills to Create Safer Communities
Class on 12/8/21

De-Escalation Workshop for Boston Public Library
Online class on 11/3/21

Bystander Intervention: Challenges, Questions, and Skills
Presented at YWCA Cambridge on 10/19/21

Zoom De-escalation Workshop for Perseverance Theater Alaska
Online class on 9/30/21

IMPACT De-Escalation Workshop for Housing Families Inc.
Online class on 7/1/21

Assertiveness & Boundary Setting and Navigating Challenging Conversations for Housing Families Inc. 
Online class on 6/30/21

Facing AAPI Race-Based Harassment Self-Defense Workshop for San Francisco Human Services Agency: Dept. of Disability & Aging Services
Online class on 6/15/21, in collaboration with IMPACT Boston & IMPACT Bay Area

Facing Race-Based Harassment Self-Defense Workshop for A*TCA AAPI Theater Community Action & CAATA
Online class on 6/4/21

IMPACT De-Escalation Workshop for Youth on Fire
Online class on 5/18/21

Assertiveness & Boundary Setting Workshop for Boston University’s Queer Activist Collective
Online class on 4/30/21

Facing AAPI Race-Based Harassment
Online class with IMPACT Bay Area on 4/10/21

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IMPACT Bay Area Blog Post “Our turn to have the talk”:


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IMPACT Assertiveness & Effective Communication training for DOVE Inc.
Online training on 4/8/21

Negotiating & Boundary Setting in Poly+ Relationships
Online class on 3/31/21

IMPACT Assertiveness & Boundary Setting in the Workplace training for DOVE Inc.
Online training on 3/25/21

De-Escalation Workshop
Online class on 3/11/21

De-Escalation Workshop
Online class on 2/24/21

De-Escalation Workshop
Online class on 2/16/21

Safety & Empowerment for Women of Color, Part 2
Online class on 8/27/20

Support Resources & Services
For the online class on 8/27/20

Safety & Empowerment for Women of Color, Part 1
Online class on 8/20/20

Assertiveness & Boundary Setting Workshop for Vanessa T. Marcotte Foundation
Online class on 8/3/20

Relationship Bill of Rights Worksheet
Supplemental worksheet for 8/3/20 online class

Empowering Indigenous Women and Communities Through Self-Defense
Webinar with Meg Stone of IMPACT Boston and Shanda Poitra of Turtle Mountain on 7/30/20

LGBTQ+ Bystander Safety Strategies
Online class on 6/30/20

LGBTQ+ Pride Series: Negotiating in Relationships
Online class on 6/24/20

LGBTQ+ Pride Series: Navigating Challenging Conversations
Online class on 6/18/20

LGBTQ+ Pride Series: Assertiveness & Boundary Setting
Online class on 6/11/20

Supporting Survivors with Disabilities
Online training for domestic and sexual violence program advocates, social workers, case managers, and others working in a direct services/advocacy role with survivors of intimate partner and/or sexual violence.

Negotiation Presentation
Online class on 4/23/20

De-escalation Presentation
Online class on 4/16/20

Assertiveness + Boundary Setting Presentation
Online class on 4/2/20

Presented at Cambridge School of Weston

Boundaries: Creating safe, ethical environments for students and sanity for yourself 
Presented at The Association of Independent Schools of New England conference

IMPACT Trauma-Informed Verbal and Physical Self-Defense
Presented at Trauma Center Association of America Conference

Working with Survivors with Disabilities
Presented to local rape crisis centers through funding from The Massachusetts Office of Victim’s Assistance.