IMPACT Safety Training

Staying Safe While Helping Others

Home Visitors & Human Service Workers

Home visitors in many professions may feel concern about walking into unknown areas or potentially volatile situations. Whether the person whose behavior concerns you is your client or someone else in the home or neighborhood, the ability to set firm verbal and physical boundaries can help you feel safer and more in control. MPACT programs provide a supportive environment to address concerns and learn practical skills.

We offer two types of programs for Home-Visitors.


All Verbal Self-Defense and Assertiveness Communication Program offers:

  • Verbal De-escalation: Effective responses to verbal harassment and threats through body language and verbal strategies.
  • Communication Skills for Difficult Conversations: Setting boundaries or communicating about uncomfortable topics can be stressful for everyone. This workshop offers practical skills for remaining calm and focused in the face of defensiveness, avoidance and anger.
  • Realistic Scenario-Based Learning: IMPACT instructors are trained to play the role of potentially dangerous or challenging people so participants can practice the skills they learn.


Verbal & Physical Self-Defense Program offers:

  • All the above, plus…
  • Effective physical self-defense skills: Physical defense is always the last resort. Learning effective physical techniques gives home visitors the confidence to respond effectively to potential danger.


Convenient Scheduling

A program of any length can be customized to fit your schedule. Trainings can take place at your office or at our studio in Malden.