4 images of women of color practicing skills in an IMPACT class

When I think about safety, and how complex that concept can be, I think about the iceberg-depths of what that can mean for women of color, especially those who are survivors of abuse. With the recent surge of the Black Lives Matter Movement, and the suffering we all feel from COVID, it is important that women of color find the strength to feel empowered. While everyone deserves to find safety in a space that feels unique to them, I notice that it’s harder for me to find those spaces for myself and other women of color.

We deserve to be assertive without being seen as angry, to be confident without being called aggressive, to delegate and lead without being called controlling or bossy. We deserve to say “no” and stand by that “no.” When we feel that a boundary has been crossed, we deserve to speak up without feeling uncertain or worrying about how it will affect our jobs or relationships. Speaking up for ourselves should not come with the price of fear that worse will come because we said “no.”

To be a woman in color in our world can mean feeling limitless, strong, and like we can do anything. We can draw this strength from self-love, our supportive communities, the people around us that we trust, and more. But because of all the negative messages we get, being confident and strong comes with mountains of work, exhaustion and sometimes can feel like an uphill battle.

In the classes I’ve taught so far, I’ve learned that a common thread for all of us is wanting the most for our quality of life. We want to be treated and regarded as equal to others around us. To carry our weight without having to always prioritize the weight of others. To be able to feel that we can thrive, not just survive, in our environments.

This is why we are so dedicated to hosting more online (and hopefully in-person soon) classes that are especially geared towards women of color. We want to create a space where people can learn practical, useful skills and build confidence together.